Feature photo above “A moment of Silence” was held in memory of Bjorg Lambrecht (1997-2019) who lost his life in the Pro-Tour of Poland last week and laid to rest today (13th August) Rest in Peace Bjorg

The overall winning team “The Bike House Bangor”

Belgian Project bursary sponsor NDCC has promoted over the last few seasons this great series, designed for youth and seniors in a safe environment, pan flat with smooth tarmac surface in the fastest motor circuit of Ireland. This year I was invited to do the MC job which I was very honoured to do so. The 2 first rounds had been awful due to rain and high winds for the riders, the 3rd round had sunshine which made it more pleasant and the final round got the same condition and just perfect to finish in style. The numbers not great but who was there enjoyed some fierce racing. The underage youth had in many cases their first experience in cycle races, some as young as 4 and this to the great delight of the supporters behind the safety barriers at the pit stop finish line. A great event that should be more supported

Daddy keeping a watchful eye on his waine

The underage girls and boys raced on a smaller circuit to suit their age and when you see the smiling faces you know the virus of cycling is embedded.

Duane Mc Creadie from the Gentlemen of the Peloton (Cycling apparel) provided all the prizes for the seniors including the winner jerseys and medals for each kid who participated. We also thank him for the donation towards the Belgian Project.
The final results
Courtesy of NDCC time team above
Senior Podium Men
The women’s winner Rachel Irvine (Bike House Bangor)
Under 16 winner Donal Gillespie
Under 12 podium
Under 8 podium
Under 6 podium
A visitor from Tenerife (Senior Martin Iglesias)

More photos of the BP Media can be found on the link below: