My personal thought’s on this matter: “Living the Dream” was promised to some talented youngsters in Ireland, EvoPro had the vision to make this possible with a cycling academy in conjunction with their racing team and got a funding agreement established with the National Federation, but the plug was pulled at the last minute funding wise, this due to all the shenanigans lately of the board, resulting in some good men leaving the board because of this…That leaves these lads in the cold and breaks their hearts…why CI? and would love to know the real truth!! I know personally what it means for a young lad or girl to have the opportunity to race in the continent, I help on a small scale and have done my best to give a hand to their development, but can not do more…EvoPro can… but need your help now…this team hugs and loves the cycling sport and have the right reasons to established such academy!! You have my support PJ and Morgan…hope this can be done!!

Help keep EvoPro young Irish cyclist’s dreams alive

A few words from Evo Hi, Im Morgan Fox of EvoPro racing and I am here to ask for the support of the cycling community to keep our hopes of the Evo Pro development program alive. In 2018 and my friend PJ Nolan saw the gap in the development of Irish riders in particular and had the idea to form EvoPro (Evolution to Professional), an Irish Continental level Professional bike racing team based in Belgium and racing across the globe. We punch way above our weight in typical fighting Irish fashion. Gaining entry into many of the pro calendar’s top events. Rubbing shoulders week-in,week-out with teams of €50M budgets. We have 9 UCI victories to our name showing that sometimes the minnow can outmaneuver the shark! Our dream was always to provide an opportunity for young Irish cyclists and some international riders to race at a professional level. Furthermore, we wanted to give young Irish Cyclists the platform to compete on a global stage, to this point we have been able to do this. We have 10 of the best Irish riders and 5 international riders who also deserve the support of the wider cycling community. British, American, Belgian, and French ex. World Tour, European, and Worlds medallists ready to pass their knowledge on. Our fantastic experienced staff is excited to work with Irish riders and their backroom staff alike. Creating a true pathway of development right through from helpers to riders!

Everything ready in Belgium, the team car, accommodation, etc..with one of the sponsors LUXAUTO

Over the past three years, we have raced at the highest level in Europe, Asia, and Oceania; some of our riders have even gone on to secure World Tour contracts and represent their countries at World and Olympic levels. We are regarded as a Continental Pro team with one of the best calendars in the World. This is the result of a lifetime of connections and merit gained from previous years at EvoPro Racing. For more and link to the GOFundMe page Go to