Being a Type 1 diabetic doesn’t stop you performing at a higher level race, just ask Ciaran Dixon
I am so pleased to see this happening but surprised I am not

Being diabetic is a condition and not a handicap as this 2 lads proved in an International Junior race (UCI 1.14.3) in Rumst near Antwerp. Ciaran joined this development junior team in 2019, who also have a pro continental team on the roads and has grown in status ever since. I have followed this Belfast lad since a very young age, and as underage racer always has been at the foreground of things, despite been diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic early in his life. This year in Ireland he won already twice, one win I witnessed at the Carn Wheelers Classic where he beat an 80 strong A3 field as a second-year junior and I knew there was more to come of the ex-Phoenix CC youngster. Ciaran was in my selection pool this year and was not far from the points needed to become a graduate or bursary holder, but I knew he would get his chances of racing in Belgium with his team at different times of the season. So well done Ciaran, I bet his dad Paul will be over the moon with such top result and the awareness it brings with it!