Entries open now

We are very much encouraging young ladies to enter as the project try to give equal opportunities to all gender

With 2020 around the corner and looking back to another good year of operating our project, I invite now juniors (M-F) and Under 23’s (M-F) who have ambition, dedication and drive to succeed to enter the Belgian Project bursary selection pool for next year. Do you have a full UCI racing licence with an Irish code, and will compete in races next year here or abroad as a road racer, off-road racer or track rider I am interested to hear from you!! The last 2 years I have been able to support the final selections with bursaries amounting from £180 to £300 and totalling £5900 in that period. The funding comes through sponsors, advertisers on this web site, and donations of clubs. My aim is to increase the amount of the bursary fund and select 10 riders + 4 riders as graduates to have a month racing in Belgium. Still interested? OK… send your CV and a favourite photo (no sunglasses please) But remember…applying is the first step, you will get back from me the criteria needed to succeed, with details how it all works. Only e-mail entries will be accepted and be sent to danyblondeel@yahoo.co.uk and the deadline is 1st March 2020 (you can add your licence details of 2020 on a later date) Please explain your plans for the year, your goals, hobbies and your studies. Also details and phone number of next of kin, your own contact number and your postal address. If you are a junior a note of parent or guardian should be included (with approval) For the ones who have been in the selection pool in the years before, you can re-enter so long you are eligible (maximum 3 times allowed) You all start with a clean slate so to speak and final selection end June. It cost you nothing to enter, but the rewards priceless…

Any clubs who want to support with a donation (your logo will be added to the bursary page as a courtesy and decals on the media car…info with dany@belgianproject.cc