If this photo report was a “Colgate” add it would sell toothpaste for sure…I have lots of such shots but needed to pick a few that have made me smile too…These girls are each talented athletes, but also great personalities, the photos are reflecting that perfectly. I am a great fan of women’s cycling, mostly because of their guts of competing in a sport that has a male majority in competitive racing. Certainly, the last few years have seen a growth in ladies only separate races, with equal prize money in many cases now, let’s hope this can continue when we back in our normal swing. Hope to see you all soon, some safe and virtual xxx

I meet Peter later smile
A cheeky Ballymena smile
A not so cheeky Ballymena smile (hence above..lol)
An Orwell & Omagh combined smile
A Newry warrior smile (part 1)
A Newry warrior smile (Part 2)
The Physiotherapist smile
A finish line smile
An amazing story smile
As it says on the tin smile
A 3-day Omagh Wheelers organisers smile
A winners smile
A Dublin Thumps up smile
A Ronde Van Cork massive smile
And to end the Mac Beth smile, and it just melt your heart like all the other ones above