In the spirit of equality I looked up some photos in my files of our male competitors and volunteers, the girls have been well received yesterday and can the boys match their smiles…well this was a difficult task but after a few hours looking through files I find a few crackers and in the end, I had to reduce them to 15 to work with, as there is so many I took over the years. The criteria I used was more to do with clear and focused photos, something I have a bit of trouble with as a would-be photographer! They smiled and you can just see the love for their beloved sport in their faces…but hey… judge for yourself!

The officials smiles
The bearded smile
The bearded smile (part 2)
TT specialists smile
The Armagh and Donegal smile
The young guns smile
Belgian Father and Son smile
The winner gets the couble smile
The last lap smile
The Goldwing smile
The cat got the milk smile
We made the top of Divis smile
The southern lads smile
A Monaghan smile
A Belfast smile