Lydia did it again, beating Eve to the line in 2016

Lydia Boylan, loves to go in rounds and rounds she describes herself, she certainly is very good at world level track cycling, this with medals to prove, this as part of the National Women’s Track team. Her road racing also has shown how quick she is, winning the Green Championship jersey many times, I lost the count. Lydia lives in Alora (Mallorca) close to the training track CI used but originally from Dublin. A highly educated woman, former Tutor at the University of Nottingham, and partly educated at the UCD Dublin, a very approachable and admirable woman, another role model for our aspiring girls who proves that with small resources you still can compete at world level, you just have to work a bit harder to get there!! Her olympian dream is on hold for now, but if she gets selected for next years postponed event in Japan, it would the crown on her career which she certainly deserves

Not affraid of working upfront to thin the bunch
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