Their caravan is a 2014 Sterling Eccles Sport 586 with six berths. It is a touring caravan and its registered number is SGDST3ESWE0892114.

When I found out what happened to the Sharkey family a few days ago I felt sad, especially knowing wee Sean and his family from the Cyclo-Cross. The Sharkeys have been big supporters of the CX for many years here in Ulster and Ireland, and very welcomed guests at our races. When I do my commentating I always bring an extra seat for Sean as he has difficulties walking and giving him and his mum a bit of comfort while they watching daddy Peter and young sister Aoibhínn doing their stuff in the fields. They bought this caravan especially to travel with their family to the races, giving Sean a bit of a special place adjusted to his needs. People who have children with autism and down syndrome will know exactly what I am talking about..My personal plea to the culprits: Do for once something good and make sure this caravan get back to the family, you just have devastated a loving family and a wee disabled boy, it was maybe not your intention to cause such travesty but nevertheless very wrong. People work hard and do without to give their children the best they can, so if you have a bit of moral left…return this!! I know that this will not be read by these thieves, but maybe the right person does as it has been well publicised on social media and newspapers…It has upset me and my sincere thoughts to Sean, Fiona his mum, dad Peter, and sis Aoibhínn

Fiona and Sean at the CX Nationals in Sligo this January, the coffee was for me and very welcomed in a cold Enniscrone

Fiona told the media: “It is Sean’s life, it is his happy place, it is a high-end caravan and was only bought by the family last year. It includes a large awning as well as a special bed rail for children with special needs. Other items were also inside it that are specifically for 15-year-old Sean” Fiona said he has down syndrome and autism, is non-verbal, and is blind in one eye. Sean has trouble sleeping at home but, he sleeps like a baby in his caravan. The family – including dad Peter and sister Aoibhínn (aged 13) – use their caravan to visit campsites from March to November and their last trip was to a site in Northern Ireland over St Patrick’s weekend, just before lockdown. “I have been promising him we would go away when the caravan parks reopen and they are opening on the 29th June and we have no caravan,” Fiona said. The family spent the weekend checking if other stolen caravans could be theirs, but she said gardaí traced the owners of those caravans to the UK. She is appealing to anyone who has it or has information on it to “please get in touch, we don’t care who took it, we want it back in one piece. Sean does not have a quality of life without this caravan.” She said it can be left at a car park and if the location is given to her or the gardaí, “I will go and get it for Sean.” Her email is and her mobile is 086-3659527. Gardaí in Meath said: “On the night of the 10-11th June caravans were stolen from a yard in Gernonstown, Slane. Thieves broke into the yard and caused criminal damage to other property at the location. “If there was anyone in the area during the night and saw any suspicious activity or can help to get the property back, please give the Gardaí a call on 046-9021445.”