The competitions may well resume in Belgium from July 1st, without physical distance between the participants but the organizers must respect a special protocol. FCWB and Cycling Vlaanderen have communicated the details.


First of all, there is no limit to the number of runners. But all participants must be licensed to Belgian Cycling, the FCWB, or Cycling Vlaanderen. Day licenses taken on-site are not allowed. The public is limited to 200 people in the departure and arrival areas. They must be seated. This area will be delimited by Nadar barriers and the movement of people must follow a single direction. On the rest of the circuit, the physical distance rule applies between spectators, i.e. 1.5 meters. Entries are made by pre-registration. The room dedicated to the confirmation of the starters must allow the respect of physical distances. There is no longer a signature sheet. In general, the marshals, the rescuers, the drivers, and all the people of the organization present in the arrival area must wear a mask and gloves. Everything must be provided to facilitate handwashing and disinfectant gel must be available. Public changing rooms must remain closed. Team supervision must be limited. Only one guide per runner in the start and finish area. There will only be two people per vehicle and wearing a mask will be compulsory. The passenger should sit in the back on the right side.

Refueling is also regulated. Zero tolerance for the deposit of waste. The passage of drums is restricted to an area provided only for team supervision which must be hidden. The waste zone is located just after the supply zone. After arrival, the protocol ceremony must be canceled or limited. Everyone wears a mask and those who give trophies must wear gloves. Interviews are done outdoors, respecting distances. If there are prizes, their payment is made by bank transfer after the event.

Note Dany: It is a start and we should keep an eye on how this will pan out, we maybe can adapt some of this precautions and rules here in Ireland, when we get the green flag of racing again…(report translated from Direct Velo and all photos Martine)