The Ultra Enduro Cyclist Joe Barr beats his up-and-down Ireland record

Support vehicles for Team Joe Barr

The 61-year-old Derry endurance cyclist, comfortably breaking his own world record while completing the 738-mile Malin-Mizen-Malin route on Sunday. Joe, who set off on Friday, managed to finish the grueling challenge in 44 hours and 15 minutes, four hours, and 25 minutes faster than the record he set in November 2017. His time is still to be verified by the UltraMarathon Cycling Association. The route took Barr from Malin Head, Ireland’s most northerly point to Mizen Head, its most southerly, and back again as he battled wind, rain, darkness, and extreme fatigue. “The wind was so strong on the way down,” said Barr via the Facebook page dedicated to following his progress. “For the first 200 miles, I couldn’t even see the road. I’ve been training really hard, I was riding seven or eight hours every single day. “Sometimes you get a perfect day. On Saturday, it felt like one of those days, but I definitely started to run out of gas in the last quarter.”

North Down GP 2011 where I met Joe for first time, very proud to know this amazing athlete, so well done Joe!!!