Very popular winner with Sep Vanmarcke

The momentum of returning to races in the Flanders gets in another gear, the mix of some local pros and amateurs put the pace up a bit as everyone wants to show himself. No foreign riders allowed till beginning August, but the Belgians have enough talent to entertain de crowd without them for now. It is still, for now, practice races, no prize money, and pure for the honour. 155 signed on for this kermesse in Outrijve West Flanders, 114 made the finish line in a very fast race, the 113 km done in 2hours and 17 minutes. TOP TEN: 1. VANMARCKE SEP INDIVIDUEEL (PROVINCIE WEST-VLAANDEREN) 2. SIX FRANKLIN PROVINCE DU HAINAUT at 22 seconds,3. MERCKX (NIELS URBANO CYCLING TEAM) S/T, 4. CASSAERT LORAN (LOTTO SOUDAL DEVELOPMENT TEAM) S/T, 5. DESMECHT DAVID (S-BIKES AGU) S/T, 6. EYSKENS JEROEN (EVOPRO RACING) S/T, 7. VERMEIRE JORDY (DL CHEMICALS – RUWOMAT – HIKOKI) S/T, 8. FRETIN MILAN (EFC-L&R-VULSTEKE) S/T, 9. DAME DYLAN (ENTENTE CYCLISTE DE WALLONIE) S/T, 10. VERMEER TOM (ACROG – TORMANS BALEN BC) S/T

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A minute silence for Niels De Vriendt who passed away on Saturday the 4th of July during a kermesse in Wortegem-Petegem. It is now confirmed that Niels died of heart failure and caused his fall. The poor young lad was only screened 2 weeks ago and had the OK to race.