World track winner Marc Downey and fast girl Erin Creighton (Mc Convey Cycles) escorting the kids to the starting line (Photo David Mc Veigh BP Media)

A warm and dry night it was in Nuts Corner near the international airport of Belfast, a hell of a difference to last week’s filthy weather, with big fields in each of the 4 races on offer. The Under 8-10 race started the night and always the most popular race for the spectators with mums and dads encouraging their offspring and big smiles all around the course. No result yet available, but I think results are not important at such age, just being in the race does the trick (we will update you on that when received)

The youngest member of my club Ards CC at work (Photo of the night taken by David Mc Veigh BP Media)

Next on the schedule was the Under 12-14 race which sees already some great rivalry between the boys and girls, and some class racing was done. They all good friends before and after the race, but during the race competitive takes over.

Provisional Under 14 result: 1. Sam Coleman (Shelbourne/Orchard CC)
 2. Seth Dunwoody (Shelbourne/Orchard CC)
 3. Conor Murphy ( Rostrevor MTB)
 4. Aine Doherty (VC Glendale) First Girl
 5. Daniel Scott (Shelbourne Orchard CC)
6.  Karl Rockett ( Ards CC)

Provisional Under 12 result
1. Curtis McKee (Maryland Wheelers)
2. James Armstrong (Dromara CC)
3. Rhys Hepburn (Island Wheelers)
4. Adam Ward ( Bann Wheelers CC)
5. Josh Gallagher (Shelbourne/Orchard CC)
6. Jamie Rockett (Ards CC)
(Photo Dany BP Media)

Birthday Girl today was Zoe Lindsay (Permission of dad Steven to include photo taken by Dany BP Media)

The A4-Ladies-Under 16 Race

Winner Ladies race and overall handicap race Sharon Bird -Ballymena RC (Photo David BP Media)
2. Erin Creighton (McConveys Cycles)
 3. Laura Campbell (Ballymena RC)
Good mix of ages (Photo David BP Media)
Ross Blayney (North Down CC) takes up racing again, the ex NI Champ has to start from the bottom again but talent and experience got him the win, he had to work hard for it mind you! (Photo David BP Media)
2. Karl Love (Phoenix CC)
3. Chris Oakley (VC Glendale)
 4. Alan Well (Bann Wheelers)
 5. Luke McCarron (Foyle CC)
 6. Peter Knowles (Ballymena RC)
Provisional Under 16 results: 1. Travis Harkness -Carn Wheelers (Photo David BP media)
 2. Neil Kelso (East Tyrone CC)
3. Darragh Doherty ( Inishowen Wheelers)
4. Marcus Devins (Yates County CC)

The Main Handicap race: A*-A1-A2-A3-Juniors

John Buller (Banbridge CC) taking up the chase (Photo David BP Media)
Peter Mc Lean (Ards CC) leading some A2 riders (Photo David BP Media)
Results A-Race: 1. John Buller (Banbridge CC) A1
 2.. Chris McGlinchey ( Vitus CRC) A*
3. Lindsay Watson (Powerhouse Sport) A1
 4. Karl Morgan (Phoenix CC) A1
 5. Dean Harvey (VC Glendale) First-year junior!!
 6. Shay Donnelly ( Team Dan Morrissey) A2
 7. Gary Cranston (East Antrim Audi) A3
 8. William Callaghan (North Pole CC) Junior A3
 9. Stephen Gallagher (Shelbourne/Orchard CC) A2
10. David Dickson (Ballymena RC) A3
 11. Glenn Kinning (Kinning Cycles CC and promoter) A2
12.  John Bann-Lavery (Clann Eireann CC) A3
First-year junior Dean Harvey was very impressive today, the pro’s and A1’s had to put all stops out to contain this young lad, attacking style and managed 5th, last week he kept them all away with a win and probably lead the series after round 2 (Photo Dany BP Media)
More photo to be found of David on and more to be added in the coming days
This report was sponsored by with thanks to Glenn and race organiser Gerry Heverin