Whe Irish eyes are smiling (All photos courtesy of the BP Media Team)

Paul Watson from my neighbouring town Bangor has landed the highest UCI commissaire job in the track world for 2021…The Commissaire-President appointment in the World Track Championship in Turkmenistan this year. Paul has been travelling to about each corner of the world doing his thing as UCI Comm, and now been rewarded with the top job. I personally know Paul since 2006 when he was my tutor (together with his dad Jack) at my comm tuitions and exams in Lurgan, and worked a few times with him the following years. We sometimes didn’t agree on some matters, due to my lack of experience and Paul as a “routinier” I suppose! When I had my heart problems and had to retire from being part of the comm world in Ireland, Paul was one of the first ones to wish me a speedy recovery, and each time we meet he would ask how it was going now for myself. Such kindness I don’t forget and so pleased for Paul reaching such dizzy heights. Paul had his personal tragedies also in life but still got the job done with a smile as the photo above. His dad Jack who was also a UCI International Commissaire said the following about the appointment: So proud to hear that my son Paul Watson has been appointed as Commissaire President by the U C I for the Elite Track Cycling World Championships in Turkmenistan. A great honour for not only Paul and our family, but also Cycling Ireland. Great to see that without a velodrome in Ireland to gain basic knowledge Paul has nevertheless risen to such a level that the UCI has confidence in his ability and knowledge to appoint him to such a prestigious event. In behalf of the Belgian Project and myself, we wish Paul a successful World Championship in October as Commissaire-President, not bad for a Bangor man we would say in Newtownards…lol

One homeground at the Dublin GP
At the CX with dad Jack
Here relaxing after the Irish Champs in Wexford with his friend and colleague Gary Mc Ilroy (our other UCI International Comm)