With a love of the bike for over 35 years and a passion for thoughtful engaging kit designs, founder Aidan Crowley and the team at Velo Revolution® are driven to produce great technical and quality apparel that you can be proud to wear and rock out on the saddle.

Aidan believes the more comfortable your skin is, the longer you ride, the harder you ride, the harder you train and the quicker you go. He is a former Irish National Champion, rode Ireland’s leading race, the RÁS Tailteann 19 times, raced in France for ACBB in the late 90’s and represented Ireland as an elite rider. Aidan is the current manager of Ireland’s leading Domestic Amateur Racing Team “All Human-VeloRevolution” which Velo Revolution sponsor and it is his passion and cycling expertise which drives Velo Revolution forward. To us, at Velo Revolution what you wear does matter.

#jointhevelorevolution #dresslikeapro >>  As well as partnering with the Belgian Project for 2023, Aidan and VeloRevolution sponsor Ireland’s leading amateur bike racing team which is known as All human-VeloRevolution, 3 independent Triathlete’s who all race at World Level or are aspiring too and he has supported many races with apparel during the season so VeloRevolution are embedded and invested in the sports of Cycling and Triathlon across Ireland’s 32 counties and everyone can see loads of VeloRevolution designs/clubs, great customers and apparel ambassadors across our the landscape.

If you want to found out what sort of quality products Aidan and Velo Revolution has for sale..just click on the website link within this photo below, some great quality sport and social clothing will be revealed to you!!