If you have been racing for the last 10 years or visited cycling events you will have noticed David Mc Veigh and his cameras, and there will be a photograph of you somewhere in the hundred + albums for you to enjoy…but who is David actually? We worked for the same company till we retired, I was a machine operator while David was a logistic manager, in early 2012 he asked me if it was possible to travel with me a few times to cycling events, to get the grabs of what cycling is about and to get some practice shots in, as he was selected by the organisers of the “World Police and Fire Brigade games 2012 ” in Belfast that year, and was allocated the cycling part of the champs…from 1 event it became hundreds over the years as he got the bug, worked for the Giro D’Italia as an official press photographer in Belfast, one of his biggest appointments!!

Next, he got himself a photo album cloud (Flickr) to store his photos and to share them with us…he became a very important part of the project, his brilliant photos well-liked and now the 47834 photos he downloaded on the cloud has reached the 10 MILLION!!! views…an average of close to the 200 views of each photograph…each photo inspected or edited before putting them online!! You can imagine how many hours that would be, throw-in all the weekends taking the photos and you have one of the volunteers who has promoted our beloved sport to the hilt!! His photos are free to download, and Flickr gives you access to choose the size of the photos too… simply click on the photo, go to the bottom right corner, click the download button and choose a size…needless to say an asset to the project that is so valuable.

His firefighter days

David does also Dog shows, indoor bowling, air shows, auto rallies, horse dressages, paintball, and even women’s hockey once..very versatile indeed!! Been retired now from his main job, he still does some consultancy work as a marketing photographer in his old job, making promotion films and company photographer…so still living a busy life after retirement…David was also a Firefighter for over 34 years in our hometown of Newtownards. and was the Fire chief and health & safety tutor at our old job in Lakeland Dairies Newtownards (better know as Pritchitts) Hereby thanking him for being part of the success of the project, and as a loyal friend to our cause. Below first my favourite 10 photos of David work, and his 10 favourites next…let us know what your favourite one is when you comment on social media…and when you use his photos, which you are very welcome too and completely free, just mention him or the project and David is happy…(commercial use not allowed without prior agreement)

Dad’s Army fan David as “Pike”

Dany’s chosen 10 (non cycling)

David’s 10 favourite cycling photos

David’s latest album….The VC Glendales CX “The Falling Leaves GP” of Sunday 28th November https://www.flickr.com/photos/thebelgianproject/albums/72157720239882270