Imogen proudly showed her gold medal after the podium presentations in Wicklow (Photo Dany BP Media)

Alina Jager told social media:Pro cyclist Imogen Cotter was hit by a car that was trying to overtake another vehicle. It’s going to be a long road to recovery for her as she has the following injuries: A shattered patella, that had to be replaced with a metal plate, a broken arm, various injuries that affect her wrist!! By supporting this campaign you are going to help a professional athlete who has been working so hard to live her dream. Imogen trains so dedicated and sacrifices a huge part of her life to become the best athlete she can be. She is inspiring so many people on- and offline. She needs your support more than ever as she takes on the biggest challenge of her life. We can support Imogen on her road to recovery and relieve her from one worry by providing financial support. There are going to be a lot of those in the near future. As a professional athlete, she depends on her body to perform. At the moment, she can’t even think about walking. A 100% of the proceed will go directly to Imogen” Thank you so much for your support!

Caroline Kerley captured Imogen signature smile so well

Imogen was seen here with Jerome Mc Namara (BP media volunteer, and chuffed he was) the day after she achieved her dream to become an Irish Ladies Elite Champ, her next goal was becoming a professional rider which Imogen achieved end 2021, this is on hold now, but I am sure she will live that dream, as Imogen is a fighter, which will help her on the hard road to recovery…On behalf of our followers…get well soon young lady xx