Photos Sharon Mc Farland or otherwise indicated, results courtesy of the Banbridge CC time team, with thanks to both

A1-A2-A3 Race (Handicap)

I am following Set since he was a a U14 under age rider…raw talent that could join the likes of Sam Benneth, Ryan Mullen and Ben Healy soon…watch this space!!

1st. Seth Dunwoody Cannibal B Victorous JR
2nd. Travis Harkness Scott Bright Motor Group JR
3rd. Mitchell McLaughlin All/Human VeloRevolution A1
4th. Darragh Doherty Flanders Color Defever Team JR
5th. Christopher Donald Spellman – Dublin Port A2
6th. Curtis Neill Team Caldwell Cycles JR
7th. Gareth O’Neill PB Performance A1
8th.Aaron Quinn Four Masters CC A1
9th. Oisin Ferrity Team Caldwell Cycles JR
10th. Paul Wilkinson Banbridge Cycling Club A1
11th. Daniel Scott Inspired Cycling JR
12th. Paul Doherty Four Masters CC A2
13th. Sean Gallagher Four Masters CC A3
14th. Chris Richardson Killinchy Cycling Club A3
15th. Mark Buchanan Un-Attached Ulster A3
16th. Jamie Moss Ballymena Road Club JR
17th. Conor McCann Inspired Cycling A1
18th. Conor Halvey Four Masters CC A1
19th. Nathan Mullan Velo Café Magasin A1
20th. Daniel Todd Dromore Cycling Club A3
Unplaced A2: Christopher Donald Spellman-Dublin Port
Unplaced A3: Sean Gallagher Four Masters CC

A4 Race

1st. JP Rice Banbridge Cycling Club
2nd. Jonathan McManus Dromore Cycling Club
3rd. Paul Keary Crossgar Cycling Club
4th. Cameron McFarland Team Caldwell
5th. Chris Wheeler Team Madigan
6th. Richard McCammon Shelbourne/Orchard
7th. Patrick Doherty Four Masters
8th. Mark Stewart Banbridge Cycling Club
9th. Stevie Stranney Crossgar Cycling Club
10th. Graeme Cross Velo Café Magasin
11th. Conor Murray Spires CC
12th. Ryan Mercer VC Glendale
13th. Stephen Campbell Lakeland
14th. Colin McGready Dromara Cycling Club
15th. Michael Martin Un-Attached Ulster
16th. John Boyle VC Glendale
17th. Alan Watson Dromara Cycling Club
18th. Simon Le Blevec Banbridge Cycling Club
19th. Stuart Lamont McNally Swords CC
20th. Jonathan Waddell TVR

A strong showing from Paul Wilkinson (Banbridge CC) on Saturday!!
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