1st Prime Ian Inglis-Kinning Cycles (above leading the pack)
2nd Prime Luke Joyce-NDCC (below)

1st Ian Inglis-Kinning Cycles
2nd Dan Todd-Dromore CC
3rd Kirk Sloan-NDCC

4th Stevie Hanna-Veloclub Iveagh (above)
5th Luke Joyce-NDCC (below)

6th Karl Love-VC Glendale (below)

Commissaire on duty Aaron Wallace (Banbridge CC) and race director of his clubs open events (above)…He brought also the news that the Banbridge GP is cancelled this Friday due to not being viable to run…only 16 signed on by yesterday noon, and to risky to run, not mentioning the cost of it all, and closing a town centre for a few dozens riders is just wrong, and financially just to much…The Groucho’s GP is on Saturday 13th May in Richhill and still many places left…here the entry link >> https://eventmaster.ie/event/86qDs7qTV1…Hope this one get his numbers as getting a blow twice in one week is no good for the club’s funds!!

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