Already 32 Irish and International cycling photographers have responded to my series, and still a few to come when they have chosen their top 15. It is not an easy thing to do when you have made thousands of them and have to reduce it to 15. Just tried it myself and very hard to do so!! I don’t really call myself a photographer, yes I have a camera and love taking shots, due to age, my eyesight is not perfect, focusing sometimes a problem, pot luck in many cases…For me, it is taking as many photos possible and then at home picking the reasonable ones. But enjoy my first 15, they all meant something to me. Hopefully, I can resume the series as soon as possible as the feedback is very positive and well received…enjoy (feature photo courtesy of David Mc Veigh BP Media team)

Penny Farthing in modern times, Ards CC style (County Down)
Just been given it all
No this is not Belgium, but a criterium in Mount Nugent (Cavan) promoted by Navan RC
The Leinster heroes of the Rass at the Mount Nugent GP 2019 in Cavan
What’s all the fuss about, grown ups…pffff
Girlpower on County Tyrone roads
Feeling a leg and not getting slapped…lol…the life of a masseur
Real sincere emotions at the National CX 2018 in Cork
The Blue Bells of Ballymena at the 3-day of Omagh 2019
UCI Track Racing in the Dublin GP
When Irish girls are smiling.
They smiling too…well most of them
To soon gone our Gaybo…RIP
Another man to soon taken …RIP Frank
Beware of low bridges