These thoughts below are mine, but when commenting on this report please keep it fair and clean…but express your feelings nevertheless…we can not sit still, and let this pass, without asking questions to the board of CI!!

(photo of CI’s social media page)

Dear Cycling Ireland, could you please explain to your members what is going on…Who is responsible for the alleged practices revealed in the last few months, the loss of grants as result, the resigning of many of the board, what issues are involved and I could go on…I followed the saga on social media, receive e-mails from CI, but still not the wiser! ! Should we not be informed as fully possible and not hear the phrase “for legal reasons”, the can of worms is open, but too many speculations, as it stands, therefore, can you be more transparent to your members please, as when wrongdoing of the past is kept under the carpet, the trust will be gone!! You had some good people who love the sport on your board, but they faced a Don Quichotte situation, and an uphill battle, as a result, they had to resign..what is so difficult to overcome?. An emergency general meeting is to be expected, but how much more things will be coming in the open? I hope you can answer, we are entitled to this!, yours in sport, Dany Blondeel, founder of the Belgian Project