Junior women (Race 3) Start 12:08 (82 km)

Emma Smith 22JR0003 Navan Road Club
Aoife Mooney 22JR0017 Navan Road Club
Shauna Finn 22JR0022 Newcastle West Cycling Club
Erin Grace Creighton 22JR0163 McConvey Cycles
Aoife O Brien 22JR0202 Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar
Katie Reilly 22JR0046 Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Ellen Murray 22JR0047 TC Racing

Women Elite (Race 3) Start 12:08 (82km)

Jemma Speers 22A20138 North Down CC
Elizabeth Kent 22A40456 Arcane Cycling Team
Sarah White 22A30087 Un-Attached Leinster
Ciara Havern 22A41070 Newry Wheelers CC
Helen Mc Parland 22A40134 Phoenix CC
Keela Mac Hale 22A30657 Sundrive Track Team
Suzanne White 22A40411 Sorrento CC
Alison Higgins 22A40715 Four Masters CC
Danielle Forshaw 22A30430 Gorey Cycling Club
Hannah Gibney 22A40265 UCD Cycling Club
Niamh O Dwyer 22A40272 Black House Racing
Gabriele Glodenyte 22A30843 UCD Cycling Club
Lauren Garvey 22A30712 Armagh Down CC
Cleo Harvey 22A30407 Dublin Wheelers
Claire Ní Reachtagáin 22A30654 Sundrive Track Team
Fiona Guihen 22A30401 Un-Attached Leinster
Roisin Mc Givern 22A40856 Newry Wheelers CC
Yvonne Doran 22A30002 Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Ella Doherty 22A30286 UCD Cycling Club
Orla Walsh 22A40619 Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar
Autumn Collins 22A30227 Un-Attached Munster
Jennifer Neenan 22A30602 Sundrive Track Team
Eve Mc Crystal 22A20146 Bellurgan Wheelers
Jennifer Bates 22A30248 Torelli-Assure-Cayman Islands-Scimitar
Jane Cullen 22A40490 Panduit Carrick Wheelers
Danielle Travers 22A40430 Dublin Wheelers
Shannon Kelly 22A41082 Greenmount CA
Darcey Harkness 22A20039 VC Glendale
Shona Keane 22A40462 Greenmount CA
Linda Kelly 22A20244 Spin the Bean Power by Coffee
Annalise Murphy 22A40676 Un-Attached Leinster
Ciara Kelly 22A40790 Velo Performance

Men’s Junior (Race 2) Start 12:05 (92km)

Mikey Flaherty 22JR0001 Lakeside Wheelers Mullingar CC
Oisin Ferrity 22JR0038 Island Wheelers
Patrick O Loughlin 22JR0160 Panduit Carrick Wheelers
Tadhg Killeen 22JR0054 Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Christopher Marshall 22JR0034 Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Quillan Donnelly 22JR0170 Usher Irish Road Club
Jamie Moss 22JR0167 Ballymena Road Club
Andrew Kelly 22JR0021 Moynalty Cycling Club
Sam Bolger 22JR0012 Killarney Cycling Club
Ryan Walsh 22JR0083 Bohermeen CC
Liam O Brien 22JR0020 Fermoy Cycling Club
Adam Nelson 22JR0109 Usher Irish Road Club
Matt Griffin 22JR0019 O’Leary Stone Kanturk
David Shine 22JR0035 O’Leary Stone Kanturk
Curtis Neill 22JR0002 Carn Wheelers
Hayden Power 22JR0159 Comeragh CC
Adam Gilsenan 22JR0069 Club Ciclistico Canturino
Callum Byrne 22JR0065 Navan Road Club
Samuel Moloney 22JR0086 Greenmount CA
Adam Foley 22JR0171 Lucan Cycling Road Club
Jack Conroy 22JR0098 Bray Wheelers
Matthew Keane 22JR0042 Navan Road Club

Men Elite A*-A1-A2 (Race 1) Start 12:00 am (140km)

Andre Grennell 22A10142 Spellman-Dublin Port
Dean Harvey 22A10139 Spellman-Dublin Port
Eoghan Cooke 22A20134 Spellman-Dublin Port
Niall Mc Carthy 22A20193 McNally Swords CC
David Dargle 22A20215 Velo Club Balrothery
Paul Wilkinson 22A10099 West Down Wheelers
Martin Colgan 22A20187 Armagh Down CC
James Mc Eneaney 22A20257 Moynalty Cycling Club
Brian Anthony Cullen 22A20177 Dublin Wheelers
Joe Henry 22A20054 Velo Cafe Magasin
Ryan Callan 22A20116 Spellman-Dublin Port
Ciaran Maguire 22A10043 VC Glendale
Edward Kearney 22A20192 Phoenix CC
Luke Smith 22A10025 Moynalty Cycling Club
Eddie Brennan 22A20045 Dublin Wheelers
Tim Walton 22A20297 St Tiernans Cycling Club
James Griffin 22A20278 Waterford Racing Club
Adriaan Pretorius 22A20014 Lucan Cycling Road Club
Mark Dowling 22A10122 All human/VeloRevolution Racing Team
Alan Lyne 22A20293 Dunboyne Cycling Club
Lee Harvey 22A10029 VC Glendale
Nathan Mullan 22A10006 Dromara Cycling Club
Jason Howick 22A20292 Bray Wheelers
Odhran Doogan 22A10143 Team Caldwell Cycles
Leo Doyle 22A10125 TWC TEMPO Veldhoven
Sean Mullen 22A10060 Richardsons Trek DAS
Keane Ryan 22A20030 Four Masters CC
Aaron Rafferty 22A10079 Spin11 – Chain Reaction Racing Team
Christopher Donald 22A20142 Spellman-Dublin Port
Kevin Leech 22A20115 Drogheda Wheelers
Conor Gath 22A20005 Galway Bay CC
Conor Sprice 22A20034 Lakeland
Paul-Antoine Hagan 22A10140 Banbridge CC
Matthew Teggart 22A+0008 Banbridge CC
Conor Halvey 22A10149 Four Masters CC
John Holland 22A20041 Bike Fit Studio
Neil Wilkinson 22A20225 Velo Club Balrothery
Eoin Kelly 22A20279 UCD Cycling Club
Stanislav Baca 22A20205 Velo Club Balrothery
Fergus Keogh 22A10162 Moynalty Cycling Club
Darnell Moore 22A10042 Team Caldwell Cycles
Jack Lyne 22A20126 Lucan Cycling Road Club
Shane Smith 22A10012 Moynalty Cycling Club
Tony Brady FR-1101 null
Nathan Keown 22A10041 Team Dan Morrissey – Pactimo
Richard Maes 22A10023 All human/VeloRevolution Racing Team
James O’ Sullivan 22A10118 All human/VeloRevolution RT
Kyle Fisher 22A20223 Lakeland
Paul Doherty 22A20263 Four Masters CC
Ronan Killeen 22A10010 Lucan Cycling Road Club
Barry Convery 22A20044 Newry Wheelers CC
Fergus Callaghan 22A10098 Four Masters CC
Ben Delaney 22A20234 Dublin Wheelers
Geoff Alderdice 22A20072 Dromore CC
Aureliusz Klus 22A20103 Stamullen RC
Cahir O Higgins 22A20074 Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Barry Mc Kenna 22A20076 Newry Wheelers CC
Conor Murnane 22A10126 UCD Cycling Club
David Montgomery 22A10056 Spellman-Dublin Port
Adam Stenson 22A10037 Team Dan Morrissey – Pactimo
Stefan Caulfield-Dreier 22A20029 Spellman-Dublin Port
Ryan Byrne 22A10063 Spin the Bean Power by Coffee
David Dargle 22A20215 Velo Club Balrothery
Gareth O Neill 22A10110 Team Caldwell Cycles
Ryan Geraghty 22A2021 Spin11 – Chain Reaction RT & Charlie Holt 22A20303 Roadman Cycling Club
Jason Kenny 22A10087 UCD Cycling Club
Alan Bingham 22A20016 Newry Wheelers CC
Hugh Maguire 22A20162 UCD Cycling Club
Shay Donley 22A10115 Team Dan Morrissey – Pactimo
Mark Mc Clure 22A20235 Team Caldwell Cycles
Sean Molloy 22A20179 Galway Bay CC
Sean Landers 22A10095 UCD Cycling Club
Philip White 22A20208 Spin the Bean Power by Coffee
James Delaney 22A20294 Lucan Cycling Road Club
Eugene Murtagh 22A20230 Lucan Cycling Road Club
Sean Lenehan 22A10111 Spin11 – Chain Reaction RT
Robert Farrell 22A20021 Lucan Cycling Road Club
Rhys Kenny 22A10104 UCD Cycling Club
Darragh Mc Carter 22A10015 Spellman-Dublin Port
James Maddock 22A10057 Slaney Cycling Club
Conor Mc Cann 22A10133 Inspired Cycling
Paul Norton 22A10069 All human/VeloRevolution RT
David O Sullivan 22A10106 Powerhouse Sport
Aimhirghin O Brannagain 22A20272 UCD Cycling Club
Sean Nolan 22A+0003 Navan Road Club
Matthew Devins 22A+0012 Un-Attached Connacht
Michael Phelan 22A20258 Spellman-Dublin Port
Sean Flynn 22A20194 Lucan Cycling Road Club
Richard Meaney 22A10107 Burren Cycling Club
David Mc Fall 22A20200 Team Caldwell Cycles
Stephen Gillman 22A10017 Team Dan Morrissey – Pactimo
David Mc Caul 22A20178 McNally Swords CC
Karl Benson 22A20265 Castlebar Cycling Club
Adam Greally 22A10024 St Tiernans Cycling Club
Jakub Tarnowski 22A20248 All human/VeloRevolution RT
Andrew Ryan 22A10150 UCD Cycling Club
John Morton 22A20128 Harps CC
Brian Mitchell 22A20104 Harps CC
James Davenport 22A10051 All human/VeloRevolution RT
Diarmuid O Brien 22A10096 All human/VeloRevolution RT
Martin Colgan 22A20187 Armagh Down CC
Timothy O Regan 22A10035 All human/VeloRevolution RT
Loughlin Campion 22A10146 Ashbourne Wheelers CC
Aaron Mc Cann 22A20198 Drogheda Wheelers
Shane Coll 22A10148 Drogheda Wheelers
Seán Murnane 22A20156 Orwell Wheelers Cycling Club
Javan Nulty 22A10083 Stamullen RC

This report is dedicated to the memory of the Belgian Refugees of WW1, who lay to rest in unnamed graves in the Work House cemetery in Dunshaughlin

Dunshaughlin Famine Graveyard & Workhouse (Eoghan Conmey Photography)

Approximately 2 km (1.2 mi) from the village is a preserved workhouse from the Great Famine. This workhouse was erected in 1840–41 on 2 hectares (4.9 acres), south of Dunshaughlin. Designed to accommodate 400 inmates, it cost about £6,000 to build, all told. It was declared fit for habitation on 12 May 1841 and received its first admissions on 17 May. During the famine period, in the mid-1840s, elements of the workhouse were converted to accommodate additional inmates, and a burial ground was located to the rear. Occupancy declined after the famine. During the First World War, the building was used to house Belgian refugees, some of whom died there and were buried in the paupers’ graveyard. In 1920–21, the building was taken over by the Black and Tans, who used it as a barracks during the Irish War of Independence. After the workhouse system was abolished in 1922, following the conclusion of the war and the establishment of the Irish Free State, the facility served as a school, courthouse, and factory (among other things). As of 2002, parts of the building were being used as a guest residences.