Padraig Marrey from reports : “This year the event has attracted participants from France, Holland and the UK, it is now recognised as one of the toughest endurance cycling challenges in Ireland and has been added to Ireland’s Ultra cycling Trilogy which also includes Mondelleo24hr and Donegal 555. Over the weekend ultra-tough cyclists will travel the roads less travelled with some embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Ultra-cycling has really taken off around the world in recent times, cyclists of all abilities are conquering all sorts of amazing feats of endurance, be that Everesting, cycling long distance point to point, multi day racing around a country or fulfilling a lifetime ambition of cycling around the circumference of the world. Exploration, adventure and fun are at the heart of ambition for success on two wheels in endurance cycling. With four distances to choose from in next year’s event, there is something for everyone who has an interest in going long on the bike. The 200km route is achievable for many cyclists who enjoy a regular Sunday spin or who are looking to challenge themselves. The 300km route will most definitely test riders as the steep climbing hills of Achill will test any chink in the armour so hopefully, they have the training done. Some have signed up to the pairs category, so in the 200 and 300k distances buddies can change like a relay team till the distances are completed”

“The 650 and 500km routes are real monsters and are not for the faint hearted. The hills and scenery will surely take your breath away but the pride and achievement of completing the event far outweighs the grit, determination and focus required to even get to the start line of the event. With the right mind-set, training, a strong will to go long and by pushing your body and mind to the limit, finishing an event like the Wild Mayo Ultra 650k can be achieved. It won’t be easy but then achieving great things takes time, commitment and dedication. This year we have participants in all the categories of Solo, Solo unsupported, 2 and 4 person teams”

Speaking about the events for 2023, Padraig Marrey Raceface said ‘Ultra cycling allows participants to go deep, go further, go harder and challenge themselves whilst having the safety net of a backup crew and vehicle to support them. In 2023 we are offering four routes for the Wild Mayo Ultra, to cater for the growing demand from cyclists to go long, to push themselves and to see how far they can go. Completing an Ultra event is one of the most personal and satisfying experiences, be it as a solo rider or on a team. A lot of participants use Ultra events to fundraise for a charity and this helps give purpose for completing these tough events. By using the routes from the Wild Mayo Ultra we promise it will push the body and mind to the limit but will satisfy the soul! The beautiful scenery will help to take their mind off the difficulty encountered on the challenge.” Remember all cyclists can be tracked live on the a unique feature for families and supporters.

The Mariner Hotel is the event HQ and will once again host the start / finish area at Mill St Westport. The event is supported by Westport Bike shop Ltd, and Marrey Bikes, helping to bring these niche cycling events to the Adventure capital of Ireland. If you see a cyclist lit up like a Christmas tree and cycling at all hours of the night, don’t be alarmed, it’s a Wild Mayo ultra cyclist…To find out more go to check our socials